Return of the Coder: Openframeworks

So been a while, I met someone recently and he has set me a project, which is very interesting. It’s using openframeworks which I haven’t used before so I picked it up today and have had a little dabble. You can check out all the resources here: The Project Not going to go into […]

Layering + Better Hit Test

Been quite busy recently not had much time to devote to blog and the game I have been working on. So I’ve had a free afternoon so put in a little time into the game and sorted out the layering of a single zombie with Bob. Looking pretty good, or at least I think, the […]

Character Prototype.

So Jordan finished his animations and sent them over, been putting them into our game it’s still early but you can get a feel for the gameplay. You move around the stage with the arrows and punch with A and kick with S. Also introduced a walk animation and an idle animation. The characters coming […]

Snow Fall

This application generates snowflakes that as they fall lay to rest on surfaces. It uses a webcam to track the user and a simple particle system for the snowflakes. It has all been done in Actionscript 3 and is using 2 classes that I have wrote. As mentioned in an earlier post I had seen […]

Edge Tracking with Hit Test

So this is a continuation of my last post, if you missed the last post I used a set of filters on a webcam to pick up the images so that I could then make snow settle on it, this is my first flake settling on the edge you can see it working as long […]

Edge Tracking

Today I have been working on a motion tracker in AS3 that works on tracking the edges of the user this is so that I can create a snow fall effect that allows snow to settle around the user. I saw something similar to this done in AS2 when I was back at university by […]

Zombies, Class Fun and Key Press Management.

I recently have started work on a project with a friend. We will be building a side scrolling game. Jordan, will be concentrating on creating the visuals, everything from concept art to the final animations, while I will be focussing on programming. So just a quick overview of the idea… We are going to build […]

Motion Tracking combined with Line Fade.

So in my last tutorial I made a line that followed the mouse, I adapted it so that now it reacts to motion it is attracted but large enough movements. I did this as a small test for a project I’m working on. I will be projecting this on the floor and using tracking to […]

Fading a Dynamic Line – Tutorial – Flash AS2

This tutorial teaches you how to draw a line that follows the mouse, it fades and blurs out as you move the mouse.  It utilizes the drawing api. So to start off call the layer on your timeline actions, then open the actions window, firstly I created a few variables these control the colour of […]

Processing to Flash AS3

This is my first attempt at getting processing to talk to flash and it works. It uses Actionscript 3.0 and grabs an XML stream from a server you setup in processing. This just handles two variables being passed to flash. I have them traced and you can see them in the output window. I made […]