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Motion Tracking combined with Line Fade.

So in my last tutorial I made a line that followed the mouse, I adapted it so that now it reacts to motion it is attracted but large enough movements. I did this as a small test for a project I’m working on. I will be projecting this on the floor and using tracking to […]

Fading a Dynamic Line – Tutorial – Flash AS2

This tutorial teaches you how to draw a line that follows the mouse, it fades and blurs out as you move the mouse.  It utilizes the drawing api. So to start off call the layer on your timeline actions, then open the actions window, firstly I created a few variables these control the colour of […]

Processing to Flash AS3

This is my first attempt at getting processing to talk to flash and it works. It uses Actionscript 3.0 and grabs an XML stream from a server you setup in processing. This just handles two variables being passed to flash. I have them traced and you can see them in the output window. I made […]

Actionscript 3 Classes, Drag Class.

This was my first attempt at actionscript 3.0, i had heard it was more of a programming language then the previous 2. So Alex Fish, a good friend of mine and me, began to look at actionscript 3.0, my background was in flash with as2, while Alex had previous programming experience with processing, css, html, […]