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Snow Fall

This application generates snowflakes that as they fall lay to rest on surfaces. It uses a webcam to track the user and a simple particle system for the snowflakes. It has all been done in Actionscript 3 and is using 2 classes that I have wrote. As mentioned in an earlier post I had seen […]

Edge Tracking with Hit Test

So this is a continuation of my last post, if you missed the last post I used a set of filters on a webcam to pick up the images so that I could then make snow settle on it, this is my first flake settling on the edge you can see it working as long […]

Edge Tracking

Today I have been working on a motion tracker in AS3 that works on tracking the edges of the user this is so that I can create a snow fall effect that allows snow to settle around the user. I saw something similar to this done in AS2 when I was back at university by […]