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Motion Tracking combined with Line Fade.

So in my last tutorial I made a line that followed the mouse, I adapted it so that now it reacts to motion it is attracted but large enough movements. I did this as a small test for a project I’m working on. I will be projecting this on the floor and using tracking to […]

Processing to Flash AS3

This is my first attempt at getting processing to talk to flash and it works. It uses Actionscript 3.0 and grabs an XML stream from a server you setup in processing. This just handles two variables being passed to flash. I have them traced and you can see them in the output window. I made […]

Actionscript 3 Classes, Drag Class.

This was my first attempt at actionscript 3.0, i had heard it was more of a programming language then the previous 2. So Alex Fish, a good friend of mine and me, began to look at actionscript 3.0, my background was in flash with as2, while Alex had previous programming experience with processing, css, html, […]