Zombies, Class Fun and Key Press Management.

I recently have started work on a project with a friend. We will be building a side scrolling game. Jordan, will be concentrating on creating the visuals, everything from concept art to the final animations, while I will be focussing on programming.

So just a quick overview of the idea… We are going to build a side scrolling game, that involves everyone’s favourite enemy… ZOMBIES!!! We are aiming to have a rough prototype by december without character… named Bob, walking and fighting that is our first milestone.

So I will be programming it all in AS3, but I have decided to push myself by using classes. Which I know about but I have never really made a piece as I plan to make this I have used classes, and wrote my own document classes but never wrote a class hierarchy as I plan to for this project.

So now onto the point of the post, I have started setting up classes and have a document class and a class for my main character. I have also started setting up the movement controls. I had problems to start with in that it would only allow me to use one key movement at a time, so I fixed this using an array which allows me to tell my mainCharacter class what keys are down and aren’t down. Here is my first test.

The image is controlled by the up, down, left and right keys.

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