Snow Fall

This application generates snowflakes that as they fall lay to rest on surfaces. It uses a webcam to track the user and a simple particle system for the snowflakes. It has all been done in Actionscript 3 and is using 2 classes that I have wrote. As mentioned in an earlier post I had seen an AS2 version done by Grant Skinner, I decided to remake it in AS3 for a variety of reasons, one of the main reason was so that I knew how it all worked and I could alter things with more ease as I know my own coding habits.

The app is nearly done although I will be working on it over the next couple of weeks to make a better version, I aim to make it so the user is a silhouette. I will be trying it on tuesday where I will be rear projecting it onto a shop window and as passers by walk past the snow will fall on them. Video to come soon. But as for now I will leave you with the application.

I will also include this other small application which is where I am up to silhouetting the user, there are a lot of problems that I can see that I would like to iron out before implementing it with the snowfall but hopefully I can iron this out over the next week or so. To start it running just click on the stage with you out of camera view when you come back it will silhouette you.

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