Return of the Coder: Openframeworks

So been a while, I met someone recently and he has set me a project, which is very interesting. It’s using openframeworks which I haven’t used before so I picked it up today and have had a little dabble. You can check out all the resources here:

The Project
Not going to go into to much detail but it’s going to be using Eye Tracking to move, spawn and destroy objects. So today I have done a lot of research into openframeworks as I have never used it and need to learn how so that I can make the project.

So my background is in mainly in Actionscript 3.0, rip flash. I’ve also been out of the loop a little while even though I have recently picked up unity and have a few ideas for other projects but that’s a thing for another time. So today I have been learning Microsoft Visual Studio with the openframeworks library just learning about the syntax. Did a few tutorials which have allowed me to produce a very basic prototype of the project using mouse inputs rather than the more advanced eye tracking which will come eventually.

What I’m going to attempt is building my own EyeWriter2.0 setup (, basically a bunch of guys designed this software in openframeworks, as there friend who was is a graffiti artist got paralyzed and they wanted to make a way that he could still do what he loved. So using the same software I’m going to modify it to make an app, that hits the brief with maybe a few extra bits of functionality included.

So this is a cool project using audio input and OpenGl to generate bubble particles. It’s a little bit old but kind of shows the power of the software.

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